Greenway Chiropractic

Monday:         9:15 - 5:30
Tuesday:         9:15 - 5:00
Wednesday:    9:15 - 5:30
Thursday:        8:00 - 4:30
Friday:             9:15 - 5:00
Saturday:         AM by appointment

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Contact info:
Dr. Chad R. Laux
Phone:  612-343-3323
Fax:  612-343-5558

No other healthcare profession has the tools and education to do what Chiropractors do. We focus on the joints in your body and the muscles that move them. Whether your symptoms are caused by an old or new injury, or an everyday activity like sitting at a computer, the result is the same.  When muscles tighten up they don’t allow joints in your body to move properly and when those joints can’t move properly the muscles around them tighten up. Unless you take the time to address both problems your symptoms will persist. 

That’s why visits in my office are longer than you’ll find at most other Chiropractic offices. My goal is not to see the greatest number of patients each day, but rather on taking the extra time necessary at each visit to help my patients get better more quickly and stay that way longer.